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Re: Windows installer kick-off



>>>>> "Peter" == Peter Laursen <peter_laursen@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:


Peter> Arjen: This is not at all helpful! Let us try together to list what
Peter> requirements are for a Config Wizard for Windows.
Peter> .

Peter> What is very important is 'security settings':
Peter> * apply root password
Peter> * enable/disable root from remote hosts
Peter> * optionally delete anonymous user

Peter> So a config wizard will need to
Peter> * generate a my.ini (modifying existing template or generate from scratch)
Peter> * start server 1st time
Peter> * after server start connect to server and insert/update/delete from
Peter> mysql.user.  This is actually a small client program that needs to be
Peter> bundled?

Other things:

Main question to ask is:
- Is MariaDB the only thing you will run on this machine?
  (If yes, then generate a my.cnf file that will use all resources on
  the machine, if no, generate a my.cnf file that uses very little
- Offer to run mysql_upgrade (from within the wizard) if we detect old
  MySQL data.
- Which storage engines to enable.
  (Imporant question to be able to generate the right .cnf file)
- Strict mode (agree we should ask)

By default, I don't think MySQL anymore has anonymous users on windows
and then we shouldn't either.

(Even if I think that for personal usage of a database that you can
only access from localhost, having a password is not strictly
necessary on windows)