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Re: Windows installer kick-off


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>>>>> "Steve" == Steve Obbayi <steve@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

Steve> Hi All, one thing we need to know is that windows users a lot of the times are beginners. 
Steve> In addition to that the installer needs to be able to:
Steve> 1. create the default user
Steve> 2. Choose the location of the data files (not just innoDB but for the other storage engines)
Steve> 3. Ability to install multiple servers based on port

Good suggestions.

Steve> 4. Tell the user to reboot the computer after installation. I found sometimes after a fresh install of mysql on windows it doesnt say that but the server behaves erratic until the time one has to restart the computer.

It would be very nice to get more information about the above. I have
never seen the above problem and don't know of any reason why a reboot
would help.

Can you explain the 'erratic' behavior ?


Hi Monty,
It happens at times when mysql 5.x is installed on windows and the user set up lets say "root" and the wizard finishes. I have encountered several times that the mysql server is inaccessible using the user that was set (in this case "root" )until a reboot is done then everything works fine. I havent encountered this on windows vista its only windows xp.


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