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Re: Windows installer kick-off


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hello steve,

                   I have made some installers for windows using
install shield at work.  Anyways,  when a package is made for windows
we reboot a machine only when there is "Registry Hardening" thats is
required. If it is a service based system, we script a custom action;
meaning a trigger in the installer which run and restarts the service.
I think a reboot is necessary if and only if registry keys or any kind
of virtual or physical device are modified from my experience.

Best Regards

Jose M Manimala

Steve Obbayi wrote:

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> [Maria-developers] Windows installer kick-off
> Hi!
>>>>>> "Steve" == Steve Obbayi <steve@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
> Steve> Hi All, one thing we need to know is that windows users a
> lot of the times are beginners. Steve> In addition to that the
> installer needs to be able to: Steve> 1. create the default user
> Steve> 2. Choose the location of the data files (not just innoDB
> but for the other storage engines) Steve> 3. Ability to install
> multiple servers based on port
> Good suggestions.
> Steve> 4. Tell the user to reboot the computer after installation.
> I found sometimes after a fresh install of mysql on windows it
> doesnt say that but the server behaves erratic until the time one
> has to restart the computer.
> It would be very nice to get more information about the above. I
> have never seen the above problem and don't know of any reason why
> a reboot would help.
> Can you explain the 'erratic' behavior ?
> Regards, Monty
> Hi Monty, It happens at times when mysql 5.x is installed on
> windows and the user set up lets say "root" and the wizard
> finishes. I have encountered several times that the mysql server is
> inaccessible using the user that was set (in this case "root"
> )until a reboot is done then everything works fine. I havent
> encountered this on windows vista its only windows xp.
> Regards, Steve
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