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Re: Windows installer kick-off


Hi Arjen, Monty

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Hi Monty, Steve

On 15/10/2009, at 1:53 AM, Michael Widenius wrote:
> Steve> 4. Tell the user to reboot the computer after installation. I  
> found sometimes after a fresh install of mysql on windows it doesnt  
> say that but the server behaves erratic until the time one has to  
> restart the computer.
> It would be very nice to get more information about the above. I have
> never seen the above problem and don't know of any reason why a reboot
> would help.

Having to reboot is also a serious annoyance to people, so I'd prefer  
this to not be necessary.

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I think if its a bug in the installer then it makes no sense to tell people to reboot.