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Re: Windows installer kick-off



>>>>> "Vladislav" == Vladislav Vaintroub <wlad@xxxxxxx> writes:

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>> Subject: Re: [Maria-developers] Windows installer kick-off

>> I would like to at least have one question:
>> - Can we allocate all resources on this machine to MariaDB?
>> (This is good when running benchmarks or setting up a dedicated
>> server that only runs MariadB).

Vladislav> I believe this is not going to be too easy as an automated installer task.
Vladislav> The problem here is that MariaDB like MySQL has different engines and these
Vladislav> storage engines all got different performance knobs - buffer pool sizes and
Vladislav> the like. Thus, many server variables depend on the amount of RAM you want
Vladislav> to give to the instance (which might be say 70% or the whole RAM on the box
Vladislav> for the dedicated server scenario) and additionally they depend on the
Vladislav> default storage engine.

If we just have one question, we can choose the best default storage
engine for him. With only one storage engine active, it's much easier
to allocate memory.

This is a good setup for someone that just wants to install and run
things. Fine tuning can be done by modifying my.cnf when the users
knows more and the initial tests has shown that MySQL is up to the task...