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Re: Rev 2769: Added create options for table^ fields and keys (MWL#43). in file:///Users/bell/maria/bzr/work-maria-5.1-create-options/



1 дек. 2009, в 14:08, <sanja@xxxxxxxxxxxx> написал(а):

At file:///Users/bell/maria/bzr/work-maria-5.1-create-options/

revno: 2769
revision-id: sanja@xxxxxxxxxxxx-20091201120747-cvp0uni2rd4iy5xi
parent: bo.thorsen@xxxxxxxxxxxxx-20091126153249-0xfszhcynbym2lvr
committer: sanja@xxxxxxxxxxxx
branch nick: work-maria-5.1-create-options
timestamp: Tue 2009-12-01 14:07:47 +0200
 Added create options for table^ fields and keys (MWL#43).

Diff too large for email (1985 lines, the limit is 1000).

Actually here is diff for review:

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