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Re: Updated (by Alexi): Store in binlog text of statements that caused RBR events (47)


worklog-noreply@xxxxxxxxxxxx writes:

> +Also we should notice the introduction of the BINLOG_SEND_ANNOTATE_ROWS_EVENT
> +flag taking into account that MySQL/Sun may also introduce a flag with the
> +same value to be used in the request_dump-mysql_binlog_send interface.
> +But this is mainly the question of merging: if a conflict concerning this
> +flag occur, we may simply change the BINLOG_SEND_ANNOTATE_ROWS_EVENT value
> +(this does not require additional changes in the code).

The issue is much harder than this, as we have to support replication between
master and slave of different versions. So we cannot just change the value of
flags sent between master and slave, at least not without adding code to make
sure such a change is both forward and backwards compatible.

I still think the correct approach here is to contact MySQL developers and
make sure we coordinate the allocation of flags and constants. (If MySQL
should for some reason refuse to do this, we will at least have tried, and
besides I see no reason they would do this if approached politely).

 - Kristian.

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