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Re: Patch for Windows problem with setting TZ


Kristian Nielsen <knielsen@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> The binlog failures happen because when the TZ variable is changed to +03:00
> on boxes with USA time zone (or similar), PURGE BEFORE DATE statements picks
> up the wrong files, apparently TZ only affects some parts of the system
> (localtime()), not others (file dates). But on boxes with European times
> zones, that particular TZ change happens to not affect those statements...
> And in fact Igor in USA previously got binlog failures while boxes in Buildbot
> and at MySQL without the failures were in European time zones...
> I will push my fix after full tests.

I got a lot of random test failures with this patch unfortunately.

I'm speculating that this is somehow related to settings from one test
affecting another now that TZ is no longer set before every test. I need to
investigate more though.

 - Kristian.