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Re: Rev 2734: Maria WL#61 in file:///Users/bell/maria/bzr/work-maria-5.2-engine/



26 янв. 2010, в 10:54, Michael Widenius написал(а):

+struct st_mariaext_plugin
+  const char *sversion;  /* plugin version string */

sversion -> version ?

Oleksandr> actually it was string version (we have already numeric one).

Then use 'version_info'


I think that for staticly compiled plugins we should require that
they have also extension information. What do you think about this?

Oleksandr> It is for dynamically linked plugins. Of course statically linked will Oleksandr> have everything but they will be included in built in plugins array
Oleksandr> (it is other code).

then ok.

Actually I mistaken. Here is case of lack plugins descriptions in case of describing several plugins in one file (one array). I can put DBUG_ASSERT instead of above code (the code is working it was checked). At least one plugin (first) should have extension otherwise it will be compiler error.

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