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Re: protocol testing tool



>>>>> "Eric" == Eric Day <eday@xxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

Eric> Hi Sergei!
Eric> Like I mentioned, this will be a tool written in Python that tests
Eric> all the edge cases for the MySQL and Drizzle protocols. Currently I'm
Eric> through the handshake code, and will be looking at command and result
Eric> processing next. This is to make sure we guarantee compatibility as
Eric> we re-write the protocol code in Drizzle.

Eric> This will be part of the libdrizzle project, so free to use and
Eric> contribute to it! I've not pushed anything up yet, but probably will
Eric> do so by the end of this week. I'll send you a link once I push it up.

Thanks, we will look into this shortly.

There is two issues I can think of with using libdrizzle with MariaDB:

- The client api is not binary compatible with MySQL.
  This is a problem as we would like to be binary compatible with
  MySQL's client library so that anyone can just replace MySQL with
  MariaDB packages without having to recompile the clients.

- libdrizzle doesn't support, as far as I know, some MySQL features
  like prepared statements.
  Do you have a full list of what things are not supported in
  libdrizzle compared to libmysql?

I would also like to do a full benchmarks to compare libdrizzle with
libmysql to know how the libraries compare speedwise; I have already
asigned this task to hakan.


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