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request for advice on managing a mysql patch in bzr


I know this question is more about official MySQL than MariaDB, but it
is also about sharing code we write at Facebook and all of the patches
we publish can be reused by others as long as others accept BSD

I am getting ready to publish facebook patches for mysql 5.1. We use
git internally and are based on MySQL 5.1.44. We intend to stay
current with 5.1 releases. What is the best way to manage the code in
launchpad across new releases of official MySQL. My current plan is:

1) import MySQL 5.1.44, commit
2) apply patches from my git repo to my bzr repo, commit after each one
3) publish

But there will soon be a release of 5.1.45 or 5.1.46 and I don't want
to repeat the steps above each time that happens. Do I just publish a
large patch for 5.1.44 -> 5.1.4X and get on with my work? Is there a
better way?

Mark Callaghan

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