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Sergei Golubchik <sergii@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

> Kristian, AM_MAKEFLAGS is a nice feature in the build scripts, but
> there's one problem with it - we also have branches in buildbot that do
> not support AM_MAKEFLAGS. For example, mysql-5.1-testing, but I suppose
> it's not the only one.


What I did was to set up a different scheduler for archivist's build
slaves. This scheduler only runs for the most important branches, so it will
put less of a toll on his machines (which he also needs for other
purposes). And we can move other hosts there with similar restrictions on load.

> What can we do ? Add AM_MAKEFLAGS support to mysql-5.1-testing and other
> branches, it should be pretty safe. Or implement a more robust limiting
> of buildbot slave resources, that does not depend on cooperating build
> scripts.

We could, though mysql-5.1-testing has the special purpose of being an
unmodified MySQL branch. But for now we don't really need to, as a side effect
of the above change is that all branches currently run on archivist's build
hosts support AM_MAKEFLAGS.

 - Kristian.