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Re: OQGraph?


Kristian Nielsen <knielsen@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> I wanted to see if there was something I could do to help getting
> oqgraph-in-mariadb moving again.

Ok, I got some progress on this. But I have problems with the packaging, need
help to proceed.

The OQGraph engine seems to be built as a module, oqgraph_engine.so.

So for packaging we need to (at least)

1. Include the oqgraph_engine.so somewhere

2. Provide some facilities/documentation for the user to load the engine (or
should it be added by default into the mysql.plugin table?)

I am going to need some help with this, I do not know .deb and .rpm well
enough to know how to proceed with this.

It seems plugins are normally installed in /usr/lib/mysql/plugin, for the .deb
stuff this directory belongs to the libmariadbclient-dev package. That's not
really going to work of course, seems something will have to move around?

So what were your ideas for oqgraph with respect to placement/packaging of
oqgraph_engine.so and configuring/loading the plugin?

(A third thing that is needed is to add the mysql-test/suite/oqgraph stuff to
the mariadb-test-5.1 package, but that is easy).


Things I did so far:

1. I found that the fixes for boost that were made in the ourdelta stuff are
now upstream, from boost 1.40.0 on. So we do not need anything fancy for
boost, I just make plug.in test for boost >= 1.40.0 (thanks to Serg for
helping with this).

2. I added a short README explaining the need for Boost >= 1.40.0

3. I installed boost 1.42.0 on the package build hosts.

4. I fixed an include of a deprecated Boost header.

5. I commented out the DTRACE stuff in Makefile.am, as it breaks on non-dtrace
platforms. I see the same stuff in federatedx, also commented out, and the
probes.d looks empty anyway (you can sort it out later if you want to
re-enable it).

6. I pushed my fixed tree here if you need to look:


7. I am running a Buildbot test of the tree here:


But I'm kind of stuck on the packaging.

 - Kristian.

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