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Re: Ideas for improving MariaDB/MySQL replication


Alex Yurchenko <alexey.yurchenko@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> On Mon, 29 Mar 2010 00:02:09 +0200, Kristian Nielsen
> <knielsen@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> The way I understood the above is that global mutex is taken in InnoDB
> prepare() solely to synchronize binlog and InnoDB commits. Is that so? If


> it is, than it is precisely the thing we want to achieve, but instead of
> locking global mutex in Innodb prepare() we'll be doing it in
> redundancy_service->pre_commit() as discussed earlier:
> innodb->prepare();
> if (redundancy_service->pre_commit() == SUCCESS) // locks commit_order mtx
> {
>     innodb->commit();
>     redundancy_service->post_commit(); // unlocks commit_order mtx
> }
> ...

Yes. This way will prevent group commit in InnoDB, as here innodb->commit()
does fsync() under a global mutex.

> This way global lock in innnodb->prepare() can be naturally removed
> without any additional provisions. Am I missing something?

Agree that this removes the need for innodb to take its lock in prepare() and
release in commit().

> On the other hand, if we can reduce the amount of commit ordering
> operations to the absolute minimum, as you suggest below, it would only
> benefit performance. I'm just not sure about names. Essentially this means
> splitting commit() into 2 parts: the one that absolutely must be run under
> commit_order mutex protection and another that can be run outside of the
> critical section. I guess in that setup all actual IO can easily go into
> the 2nd part.

Yes (I did not think long about the names, probably better names can be

>>     lock(global_commit_order_mutex)
>>     fix_binlog_or_redundancy_service_commit_order()
>>     for (each storage engine)
>>         engine->fix_commit_order()
>>     unlock(global_commit_order_mutex)

> What I'd like to correct here is that ordering is needed at least in
> redundancy service. You need global trx ID. And I believe storage engines
> won't be able to do without it either - otherwise we'll need to deal with
> holes in commit sequence during recovery.


> Also, I'd suggest to move the
> global_commit_order_mutex into what goes by
> "fix_binlog_or_redundancy_service_commit_order()" (the name is misleading -
> redundancy service determines the order, it does not have to fix it) in the
> above pseudocode. Locking it outside may seriously reduce concurrency.

Agree (in fact, though I did not say so explicitly, I thought of the entire
pseudo code above as being in fact implemented inside the redundancy service

 - Kristian.

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