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Re: Volunteer my machine for buildbot and database with test results


Haidong Ji <haidong.ji@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

> Per information shown on URL below, with relevant paragraph pasted,
> I'd love to volunteer to run a build slave and other tests.


> Let me know how to participate, such as:
> Will an old laptop work?

Yes. Especially if it has good amounts of memory (1GByte is probably minimum).

> If so, what do you need? What do I need to do on my side?

You need to install and setup the Buildbot client. There is some documentation
for how to do this here:


The full Buildbot manual (with tons of detail) is here:


Send me some details of the machine and operating systems, and I will supply
you with login credentials for the client against the Buildbot server.

> Does it mean that I need to leave my machine on all the time?


> What if a reboot happens while it is being used?

Then the active build will fail, with a message that the client disconnected
in the middle of the build. It is not a disaster, but it is annoying if it
happens frequently. (Our Buildbot does not yet have the ability to
automatically retry builds that fail in this way).

 - Kristian.

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