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Windows installer MWL#55 finished.


Hi all,
I updated the MWL#55 (Windows installer) with the upgrade information. Now, people will be able to upgrade between prior MariaDB (or
prior MySQL) versions using upgrade wizard, which is by default launched at the end of installation, if upgradable instances are
found .
 Users will also be able to use Upgrade Wizard  after the installation, at any the time convenient for them. Upgrade wizard will
also be included into ZIP distribution. Besides GUI Wizard, there is a command line utility mysql_upgrade_service.exe  to perform
all operations  necessary to  upgrade an existing database instance registered as service (in fact GUI wizard uses this
mysql_upgrade_service.exe as "backend").

Wizard is an MFC application. I'm sorry for that, but my Windows C/C++ GUI programming experience is not only rusty (prior to this
WL last time I used it was more than  a decade ago), it is also restricted to MFC only. Being MFC application, it will require  at
least VS Professional to build.  There is no MFC in  free Visual Studio Express edition,  nor in free Windows SDK.  Build and
packaging process will handle missing MFC gracefully (build won't try to compile upgrade wizard,  package won't include it , and
installer won't  start it at the end of installation).

The repository that includes the final windows installer is

Building installer is described in http://askmonty.org/worklog/Server-Sprint/?tid=55 (Section "Building installer", at the very
start of the WL).

Monty or Sergei (or volunteers if any): Can you please have a look the above repo and do a review . I tried to split the big patch
into parts,  but I did not find the result to be too satisfactory 

Philip: would you be able to test the upgrade wizard?  You need a service running under some older mysqld.exe binary (e.g. install
MySQL 5.1), you'll should get upgrade wizard launched at the end of install. You should also get Wizard at the end of installation
any time you have an older version of Maria running as service.

Thanks and best regards,


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