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Re: Pushing/merging sample my.cnf


Hi, Haidong!

On Mar 25, Haidong Ji wrote:
> Thanks Sergei!
> > question.
> >
> > should a default my.cnf work with all mariadb configurations?  I
> > mean, builds without innodb/xtradb for example.
> > Which boils down to - should you prefix all innodb options with
> > "loose"?  It'll make my.cnf more universally useful, but slightly
> > more confusing too.
> I am of the minimalist opinion. That is, I am inclined to take out all
> engine-specific settings. But on top of the sample file, we will just
> say please follow this URL where we have additional sample files where
> the knowledge is crowd-sourced. But that is just my opinion.

I believe, I've heard that some innodb options are quite important to
have set in my.cnf, if we want to have good out of the box performance.

That is, minimalist is fine. But will you be able to reach your goals
(e.g. "benefit as many people as possible") if you leave out all engine
specific settings?


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