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SOCKET_SIZE_TYPE question on accept() call


Whild building mariadb on HP-UX, I ran into a problem with a call to
accept().  The mariadb configure script uses MYSQL_TYPE_ACCEPT to
determine if the third argument to accept should be type socklen_t or
type int, and sets SOCKET_SIZE_TYPE accordingly, but in socket_accept
(plugin/handler_socket/libhsclient/socket.cpp), the third argument to
the accept call (addrlen_r) is hardcoded to be type socklen_t instead of
using SOCKET_SIZE_TYPE.  I think that the addrlen_r argument to
socket_accept should be type SOCKET_SIZE_TYPE instead of socklent_t.  I
think this also means that the addrlen field in the socket_args
structure (plugin/handler_socket/libhsclient/socket.hpp) should be
type SOCKET_SIZE_TYPE instead of socklen_t.

Does that sound right?

Steve Ellcey

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