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Shared plugin library build question


I am looking at a difference in the HP-UX vs. Linux mariadb build and
was wondering if someone could help me understand why something is set
up the way it is.

The problem I see is that on HP-UX, when I do a mariadb build I do not
get shared plugin libraries like ha_federated.  Looking into why this
was happening I found that when the plugin libraries like ha_federated
are built they have a dependency on libsqlservices and libsqlservices
is built only as an archive library.  HP-UX doesn't support building
shared libaries that depend on archive libraries and so the build of the
shared plugin libraries fails when no shared version of libsqlservices
is found.

So my main question is: why is libsqlservices built only as an archive
library?  The other question is: if libsqlservices has to be an archive
only library, is there is another way to link it in to executables, such
as linking it in explicitly when building an executable instead of
counting on the shared plugin libraries to bring it in indirectly by
making it a dependent library?

Steve Ellcey

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