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Ubuntu 11.10 "Oneiric" packages


Hi Daniel,

I believe I've fixed the issues for our .debs on Ubuntu 11.10.

I made buildbot create packages for MariaDB 5.2.9. They pass the tests.

Buildnumber: 1325
Location in archive: /archive/pack/5.2/build-1325/kvm-deb-oneiric-*

Maybe you can make them available alongside the existing 5.2.9 packages? It is
the exact code version as the other platforms, but the packaging scripts are
modified of course. There is no apparmor profile by default (this kept causing
new problems, and future packages on Ubuntu will have it disabled by default).

Maybe you can help test them as an extra check on top of the automatic ones in

I also tried getting 5.3 packages built, but Buildbot kept building the latest
revision rather than the 5.3.2 one. I can probably solve that somehow, but
unless it is urgent I would like to just wait for the next 5.3 release, which
will get Oneiric packages automatically.

Note that for 5.1, we currently have a problem, as Oneiric has MySQL 5.1.58
while the MariaDB version is 5.1.55. But for the next 5.1 release we will
presumably merge MySQL 5.1.58 anyway, so this will get solved and most people
will want to use 5.2 anyway I think.

I think that's it, let me know if you have questions or other suggestions.

 - Kristian.

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