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Re: MariaDB 5.5 binary tarball packages and libaio



>>>>> "Sergei" == Sergei Golubchik <serg@xxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

Sergei> Hi, Kristian!
Sergei> On Nov 25, Kristian Nielsen wrote:
>> One option could be statically linking libaio. Now in general, static
>> linking is a can of worms with many pitfalls, however for just libaio
>> it might work (libaio.so is statically linked on my Debian Wheezy).
>> However, I am not sure if this is safe in general, nor do I know how
>> to make cmake link just libaio statically?

Sergei> We can take the position that for correct integration of mariadb into OS
Sergei> (and in particular, using OS dynamic libraries), one needs to use native
Sergei> OS packages of mariadb - deb, rpm, whatever. And for tarballs all bets
Sergei> are off.

However it would be good that with tarballs we do as much static
linking as possible as this makes it more likely that the binary will


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