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Fixes for PAM plugin in packages


Hi Serg,

As promised, here a summary of what I did to fix PAM in linux packages. I
managed to fix most issues I think (except for RHEL5 as noted below), but it
needs testing, which takes time due to waiting for Buildbot.

 - I installed libpam0g-dev in all the VMs for .deb and bintar packages. I
   checked on one of them that this really does cause pam modules to build and

 - I installed pam-devel on the centos5 VMs. I also tried on the rhel5, but
   failed. These VMs seem to require some sort of license key or something to
   install packages with yum, which I don't have. Maybe Daniel can sort it out
   (all that is needed is `sudo yum install pam-devel` in
   vm-rhel5-amd64-build.qcow2 and vm-rhel5-x86-build.qcow2).

 - I hacked .deb packaging scripts (ourdelta scripts) so that dialog.so is in
   the libmariadbclient16 package (it used to be in the mariadb-server-5.[23]
   package). I did this for 5.2 and 5.3 (not 5.1).

 - The dialog.so change could cause an upgrade problem I think - installing
   new libmariadbclient16 package on top of old mariadb-server-5.[23] package
   will conflict because they both contain /usr/lib/mysql/plugin/dialog.so.
   I tried to fix this by declaring a conflicts: dependency which should allow
   Apt to sort it out. I hope it works - .deb dependencies can be tricky,
   hopefully buildbot Upgrade tests will catch any problems.

 - I did not change RPM packages wrt. dialog.so. I don't know if it is needed,
   nor how to do it...

What remains is basically testing. First checking Buildbot when it has chewed
through all the builds. It might be a good idea also to test manually a couple
packages that the PAM plugin is in there and actually works according to
instructions on the knowledgebase.

 - Kristian.

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