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Re: Streamlining Buildbot builds


Hi, Daniel!

On Aug 06, Daniel Bartholomew wrote:
> Here are the KVM builders I propose to be in the "build everything"
> set:

I suppose, you mean builders enabled for all trees...

> "kvm-bintar-precise-amd64", "kvm-bintar-precise-x86",
> "kvm-deb-debian6-amd64", "kvm-deb-debian6-x86",
> "kvm-deb-precise-amd64", "kvm-deb-precise-x86",
> "kvm-rpm-fedora17-amd64", "kvm-rpm-fedora17-x86",
> "kvm-rpm-centos6-amd64", "kvm-rpm-centos6-x86",
> The reasoning for choosing the above is to have an x86 and amd64
> builder for Ubuntu, CentOS, Fedora, and Debian. And also to always
> build binary tarballs.

I think it is not as important to build for all linux distributions
(well, it is but only for rpm/deb related changes), as it's important to
build with different gcc versions. So I'd suggest

 * one of centos5 or rhel5
 * hardy
 * debian5
 * one of debian6, lucid, maverick
 * natty
 * oneiric or precise
 * centos6
 * fedora17

probably it's not very important to build on both x86 and amd64 for
every platrorm.

By the way, when fixing packaging bugs it's important to build on all
VMs, so we need one staging tree that builds all. But for now one can
use -release trees for that, and later we could create -packaging stage
trees when necessary.