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Streamlining Buildbot builds


Serg brought this to my attention and asked me to look into it.

Basically, over time we keep adding more and more builders to buildbot
and we build an ever increasing number of packages. One way to keep
turnaround times for builds reasonable is to add more hardware. Which
we are doing by adding a third KVM build host.

However, building every push on every KVM virtual machine is overkill.
For example, if one Ubuntu build succeeds, most other Ubuntu builds
will also succeed.

We only really need to build "everything" when we are making a release.
For other builds we can get away with building on a sub-set of builders.

The main benefit of doing this is to speed up the turn-around time for
builds. One potential issue is the possibility of not catching an error
which, for some reason, only manifests on a certain OS version. There
may be other issues. Let me know if you think of any.

Assuming we want to move ahead with building most builds on a sub-set
of our builders instead of the full set, the easiest thing to do is to
configure buildbot to only build on every builder for pushes into the
"-release" and top-level (5.3, 5.5, etc...) branches. All other
branches would have an abridged set of builders assigned to them.

First things first, we need to decide which builders will build
every push in every tree (aka "build everything") and which builders
will only build releases. Builders on dedicated machines don't need to
be changed, only KVM builders.

Here are the KVM builders I propose to be in the "build everything"

"kvm-bintar-precise-amd64", "kvm-bintar-precise-x86",
"kvm-deb-debian6-amd64", "kvm-deb-debian6-x86",
"kvm-deb-precise-amd64", "kvm-deb-precise-x86",
"kvm-rpm-fedora17-amd64", "kvm-rpm-fedora17-x86",
"kvm-rpm-centos6-amd64", "kvm-rpm-centos6-x86",

The reasoning for choosing the above is to have an x86 and amd64
builder for Ubuntu, CentOS, Fedora, and Debian. And also to always
build binary tarballs.



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