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Re: Streamlining Buildbot builds


Daniel Bartholomew <dbart@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
> Serg brought this to my attention and asked me to look into it.
> Basically, over time we keep adding more and more builders to buildbot
> and we build an ever increasing number of packages. One way to keep
> turnaround times for builds reasonable is to add more hardware. Which
> we are doing by adding a third KVM build host.
> However, building every push on every KVM virtual machine is overkill.
> For example, if one Ubuntu build succeeds, most other Ubuntu builds
> will also succeed.

From our (Percona) experience, this isn't necessarily the case,
different GCC versions etc do catch different things. Every time
somebody suggests building on a subset, we find another issue like this
(early).... soo... I wonder if you tempt fate the same way we do :)

Stewart Smith

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