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Re: New replication hook


Hi, md!

On Aug 27, md@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> I was looking at sql_update.cc, sql_insert.cc, sql_delete.cc so I
> could insert a hook to feed an external replication engines by
> choosing the update, delete, insert AFTER trigger points to insert
> logic that is db scope and not table scope.
> I am testing the idea on 5.5.25 sources and will send a patch in when
> I can get my bearings on the source code.
> Some probably stupid questions:
> 1)
> Does InnoDB and Aria transaction support having anything to do with
> the binary log?  Or do transactions in innodb and aria get stored into
> different files than the binary log?

InnoDB and Aria have their own logs. And *additionaly* transactions get
stored in the binary log, in a storage engine independent way.

> 2)
> Where are the the system command "SET" implemented?

mainly set_var.cc and sys_vars.h

What are you trying to do?

> Where is the definition/ of commands like "SHOW variables LIKE H%" 
> implemented?


> 3)
> I am going to open source this external replication hook,
> how do I send something to you so that you can add a #ifdef 
> so that it would appear in 5.5.26 or 5.5.27?

You can post it to this list. Or submit a merge request on launchpad.

But firts, please, try to explain what are you trying to achieve with
your patch.


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