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Re: API Documentaion for Replication Features


Hi Monty,

"Lixun" == Lixun Peng<penglixun@xxxxxxxxx>  writes:

Lixun>  Hi Gordan,
Lixun>  I'm not changed the replicate-[do|ignore]-[table|database] functionality
Lixun>  code, so I think it should work for all slave threads, but it can't specify
Lixun>  each master to use specific filter.

Yes, the replication filters are global for now.

It would probably be 2-3 days of work to make these per master.

The main questions is only how to define this in the config file.
We could probably use the same thing we use for key buffers:


Do you want some information of how to develop this or do you think
you can find someone to sponsor this?

Thanks for the info. At the moment, I'm interested in some pointers on how to develop this at the moment.

On a related note, is there anything like the sql_slave_skip_counter variable implemented on a per-master basis? Or is this something else that would need separating out? I know I could just change the relevant master info file (carefully) with the new log position, but that's somewhat inconvenient and requires restarting the server.


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