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Re: API Documentaion for Replication Features


Hi Gordan,

I think you can found the answer from doc :

like this:

set @@default_master_connection='';
show status like 'Slave_running';
set @@default_master_connection='other_connection';
show status like 'Slave_running';

but some parameters only can write in my.cnf and can't be changed in
running, we have not implement them temporarily.


On Fri, Nov 30, 2012 at 7:46 PM, Gordan Bobic <gordan@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hi Monty,
>  "Lixun" == Lixun Peng<penglixun@xxxxxxxxx>  writes:
>> Lixun>  Hi Gordan,
>> Lixun>  I'm not changed the replicate-[do|ignore]-[table|**database]
>> functionality
>> Lixun>  code, so I think it should work for all slave threads, but it
>> can't specify
>> Lixun>  each master to use specific filter.
>> Yes, the replication filters are global for now.
>> It would probably be 2-3 days of work to make these per master.
>> The main questions is only how to define this in the config file.
>> We could probably use the same thing we use for key buffers:
>> master_name.replicate-do-db=..**.
>> Do you want some information of how to develop this or do you think
>> you can find someone to sponsor this?
> Thanks for the info. At the moment, I'm interested in some pointers on how
> to develop this at the moment.
> On a related note, is there anything like the sql_slave_skip_counter
> variable implemented on a per-master basis? Or is this something else that
> would need separating out? I know I could just change the relevant master
> info file (carefully) with the new log position, but that's somewhat
> inconvenient and requires restarting the server.
> Gordan

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