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Re: Hello, and broken source tree information / links on askmonty.org wiki


Andrew McDonnell <bugs@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> Being used to SVN and git, I am still finding my way around bzr, and finding
> it incredibly slow executing `bzr branch lp:maria`.  I am not sure whether it
> is just me, but I am finding the kB/s is a long way below my connection speed.

It is not just you. Bzr is incredibly slow and CPU/memory hungry :-(

It used to be far worse, I have seen initial checkout taking 40 hours (yes,
*fourty* *hours*) of CPU time and 2GB ram to complete. Now I think it is down
to one or two hours or so on a fast machine, though memory usage is probably
still high.

We're mostly stuck with bzr for now for legacy reasons. Fortunately, speed is
tolerable with a shared repo once initial checkout is complete.

> starting tarball instead, except that all the links on the page
> http://askmonty.org/wiki/MariaDB:Download:Shared_Repo
> seem to be broken?  Is the tar.gz shared repo information still valid?

I've Cc'ed Daniel, who may be able to fix that. However, it's probably easiest
to just create your own empty shared repo, and do the initial checkout
overnight or something.

Thanks for the notice, and good luck!

 - Kristian.

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