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Re: I would like to run a buildbot


Dan Demeter <dan@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

> I have 2 hardware nodes and I would be really happy to run 2 build
> bots, on some VMs. :)

Thanks a lot for the offer!

I will create two accounts for the two nodes and get back to you (hopefully in
a couple days at most).

In the meantime, you can check here for preparations needed on your end. You
will need the buildbot slave installed, as well as bzr and build tools (gcc
etc). And it is a good idea to do a test build first manually, just to check
that everything needed is there:


(Do not feel obliged to follow everything to the word, as I think some of it
might be outdated. But maybe it can be a help to get started, or else feel
free to ask of course).

Thanks again,

 - Kristian.