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Re: Bugs in GTID implementation


Pavel Ivanov <pivanof@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> way to fix them. Also if you can please look at the attached patch
> containing fixes to all tests after GTID addition. There are some
> questionable changes in there, so I would appreciate if you could
> evaluate its correctness and consider including it into MariaDB tree.

Right, so now I finished going through the whole testsuite, making all
necessary adjustments to .result files (and a bit to the test cases).

This is a _huge_ patch, 70k lines :-(
This is due to the new GTID events, every SHOW BINLOG EVENTS and mysqldump
output needs updating.

I did briefly consider instead trying to filter the output to make it
identical to the old one, to avoid the huge .result file changes, but I'm not
really sure that is any better in the long run...

So, I did this in my 10.0-mdev26 tree, which is based on 10.0-base. I noticed
at least two things from your patch that are not part of this:

 - The --let $keep_gtid_events= 1 statements. I am not sure how this
   $keep_gtid_events came into the 10.0 tree. It is part of the MySQL 5.6 GTID
   implementation, which we do not want to merge. I would suggest you instead
   just remove it from show_events.inc.

 - There were some new testcases in mysql-test/suite/perfschema in your patch
   that are not in my tree. They update some digests, I did not investigate
   what those are about, but I will handle when I merge to 10.0 of course.

Thanks for your efforts on preparing the initial patch. It was quite a nice
help as a starting point, though I did do some parts of it different due to
style or correctness issues.

I'm likely to have missed a couple cases of course, but at least this should
be a starting point, just let me know if you experience more failures. I do
see a non-repatable failure in main.plugin and a DBUG crash which is also in
other maria trees, I'll look at those next.

The fix is pushed to lp:~maria-captains/maria/10.0-mdev26 as usual.

 - Kristian.

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