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Re: Bugs in GTID implementation


On Tue, Mar 26, 2013 at 2:45 AM, Kristian Nielsen
<knielsen@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> So, I did this in my 10.0-mdev26 tree, which is based on 10.0-base. I noticed
> at least two things from your patch that are not part of this:
>  - The --let $keep_gtid_events= 1 statements. I am not sure how this
>    $keep_gtid_events came into the 10.0 tree. It is part of the MySQL 5.6 GTID
>    implementation, which we do not want to merge. I would suggest you instead
>    just remove it from show_events.inc.

I'd guess this $keep_gtid_events was included in 10.0 tree by mistake.
I've rechecked later after sending you a patch and saw that it's
actually not used in any tests. So I came to the same conclusion that
$keep_gtid_events should be just removed from show_events.inc.

>  - There were some new testcases in mysql-test/suite/perfschema in your patch
>    that are not in my tree. They update some digests, I did not investigate
>    what those are about, but I will handle when I merge to 10.0 of course.

As far as I noticed these digests change every time some change in
mysql database is made, sometimes after other changes too. And I
actually don't understand what these tests are testing if they need
such adjustments all the time...

> I'm likely to have missed a couple cases of course, but at least this should
> be a starting point, just let me know if you experience more failures. I do
> see a non-repatable failure in main.plugin and a DBUG crash which is also in
> other maria trees, I'll look at those next.

I see some other non-repeatable failures too (most frequently in
rpl.rpl_corruption). I'll surely let you know if I find some problems.


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