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Re: Bugs in GTID implementation


Pavel Ivanov <pivanof@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> As far as I noticed these digests change every time some change in
> mysql database is made, sometimes after other changes too. And I
> actually don't understand what these tests are testing if they need
> such adjustments all the time...

Yeah, good question ...

>> I'm likely to have missed a couple cases of course, but at least this should
>> be a starting point, just let me know if you experience more failures. I do
>> see a non-repatable failure in main.plugin and a DBUG crash which is also in
>> other maria trees, I'll look at those next.
> I see some other non-repeatable failures too (most frequently in
> rpl.rpl_corruption). I'll surely let you know if I find some problems.
> :)

I've now pushed fixes for the above two problems.

The DBUG crash was actually an existing bug (also seen even in 5.5 tree), just
for some reason it became much easier to trigger after my changes. And yes, it
occured mostly in rpl.rpl_corruption, so maybe it is the same one you saw,
should be fixed now.

The other problem was a wrong locking order seen sometimes in main.plugin,
should be fixed now also.

 - Kristian.

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