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Re: I would like to run a buildbot



That's what I knew also. So it's you who needs to decide which compilers should be used on which host with buildbot ... ?


On 15/04/2013 16:03, Vladislav Vaintroub wrote:

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Hi Kristian,

The other builder is set up now :) I have installed clang on the 2nd
host also, but I don't know how to make the mariadb build process use
clang instead of gcc / g++ ? Do I need to uninstall gcc / g++ and make a
symlink ?
You can do either with environment variables, or passing compiler as
parameter to cmake

Variant 1 would be

export CC=clang
export CXX=clang++

cmake will pick environment then,

Variant 2 would be

cmake <path> -DCMAKE_C_COMPILER=/path/to/clang