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GSoC 2013 -- the Kerberos authentication plugin project


Hi community,

This is Shuang Qiu, a student from Shanghai, China, major in Software Engineering. My field of interests is distributed storage (also a little knowledge of information retrieval).

I've focused on the MariaDB project for a while and want to make this GSoC a first step into this community :).
Based on my experience, I think the Kerberos plugin project meets more my taste (also the full text search one, unfortunately, which has been crossed out from the slate).
Although not a very tough task at first glance, but I believe there must be some tricky things behind the scene.

I've skip the pointer on MariaDB GSoC2013 home page and have some point unclear. How will we configure the Kerberos server? Do we need some name resolve protocol to discover the Kerberos service?

Thank you very much and best regards!
Sincerely, Shuang

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