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Re: Process suggestion for minor issues


Rasmus Johansson <rasmus@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> This is a suggestion on how to deal with minor or lower priority bugs
> and tasks in JIRA, http://mariadb.org/jira .

> Please provide your thoughts. Do you think it's an OK way to deal with
> the minors or do you prefer some other way?

The whole Jira thing is a farce. It has been going on for a year or so and it
has ended up exactly as bad as I feared.

It's so broken I don't know where to start. I spent lots of effort early in
MariaDB to get a working release process, now it's totally destroyed, and
every single minor release is taken hostage in an attempt to work around
missing management of developer time. There is 100% focus on completion of
whatever random tasks are in Jira and 0% on ensuring good quality of tasks
actually completed.

I once read an anecdote from a team at Microsoft (could be anywhere). There
was management like this with lists of tasks/bugs to complete and release
deadlines and such. The logical consequence of course was to "complete" tasks
by pushing empty code - then it was complete, and actually doing the work was
then a new "bug".

MariaDB development is not a sausage factory.

When Jira was initially suggested, my first comment was "we cannot use
that". I won't bother people anymore with my opinions on this, they have not
changed and are unlikely to do so.

Hope this helps,

 - Kristian.

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