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Is it possible to export last seen GTID from IO thread?



We had an idea that can make master failovers much easier, please
could you tell us how feasible to do that in MariaDB.

Currently when master dies and failover is necessary we have to wait
while SQL thread catches up with IO thread on all replicas before
we'll be able to decide which replica should be new master. Otherwise
we can loose some transactions. But if IO thread could export some
variable indicating which GTID it's seen last then we'll be able to
understand which replica is furthest in replication stream faster,
without waiting.
Of course for multi-domain replication it will be more complicated and
IO thread will have to synthesize gtid_slave_pos which server would
have after applying all relay logs. But exporting this synthesized
position will still help a lot.

So what do you think? Is it possible to do this in MariaDB?

Thank you,