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Re: Jira new field


it don't need to be a very big field (100bytes of latin1 is nice to me)

2013/6/17 Roberto Spadim <roberto@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

> i think that the right way (but it's not good to me...)
> is build a issue tracker outside jira just to me
> but i'm using mariadb php and apache, and i only have issues in mariadb
> (ok i have some mysql issues but i don't use it anymore)
> maybe add a field for example 'reporter private field'  just to add this
> kind of information is nice to don't setup a issue tracker (in my case)
> 2013/6/17 Roberto Spadim <roberto@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>> heeh sometimes i just add a label that don't have interest to mariadb
>> team, it's just to 'group' my issues
>> if there's a interesting and nice way to do this could be nice
>> it's just to organize my issues and when i have time see what changed and
>> where, not changing the work of mariadb placing the right label in the
>> right issue
>> 2013/6/17 Sergei Golubchik <serg@xxxxxxxxxxx>
>>> Hi, Roberto!
>>> On Jun 17, Roberto Spadim wrote:
>>> > hi guys, could we add a Reporter Label inside jira issue? instead of
>>> only
>>> > Label (used by mariadb team)
>>> > it's easier to filter issues, thinking about the reporter filter not
>>> for
>>> > mariadb team filters
>>> But you can add your labels to the Label field, why would one need
>>> another list of Labels?
>>> Regards,
>>> Sergei
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>> Roberto Spadim
>> SPAEmpresarial
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> Roberto Spadim
> SPAEmpresarial

Roberto Spadim

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