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Re: More enum values in enum fields


Roberto Spadim <roberto@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
> hi sergei, well i start thinking about the frm file after i had a crash in
> my server and a aria table was read as a connect table, i removed the .frm
> and put another one in place, and i get my data back
> if i had a human readable file, that could be easier to understand
> but what mariadb guys think about standards? stewart talked about protobuf
> (i really like this idea, but don't know how to use), what about json and
> yaml? i think that the main problem is parse time, maybe a jornaling in
> this file to avoid crash? and easy implement new features, example in json
> we can add a new item in object just put ", 'new item':'some value'",
> i don

Schemaless isn't necessarily a feature - protobuf has the benefit of
enforcing a schema (XML would work too... parsing time was a concern
when I wrote the code for Drizzle)

Stewart Smith

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