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Re: linking an external library


For embedded, "libsql.a" is not used.  Instead, there is libsql_embedded.a,
and it is built in libmysqld/CMakeLists.txt
-          If you want your static library to be "merged" into one big
libmysqld.a , you need to add it into the LIBS list (see SET(LIBS.) in the
-          If you do not want it to be "merged", but still link correctly
(make every executable that links with embedded link with your library) ,
add  TARGET_LINK_LIBRARIES(mysqlserver ${LIBNAME}) , somewhere after
MERGE_LIBRARIES , in libmysqld/CMakeLists.txt
A work of caution : in case you static library $LIBNAME is built without
PIC, the build of shared embedded library will fail (because in general case
you cannot have non-PIC code in shared library).It is really much better to
use external library as shared library (in this case you should use
TARGET_LINK_LIBRARIES(mysqlserver ${LIBNAME}), somewhere after
MERGE_LIBRARIES , in libmysqld/CMakeLists.txt )
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Subject: Re: [Maria-developers] linking an external library
thanks for the tips so far and I can link external libs with e.g. libsql.a
but the problem seems to go deeper and the core issue appears to be -
linking a static library to say libsql.a breaks generation of libmysqld.a as
Linux ar/ranlib can not strip out nested linked libraries.
This is somewhat of a limitation and would cause quite some rewrite of
things ready for integration (into libsql). Ouch.
On Mon, Aug 19, 2013 at 8:13 PM, Vladislav Vaintroub < > wrote:
TARGET_LINK_LIBRARIES({$LIBNAME}) is not a correct syntax
It does need target (you link your library to some other library or
executable, and this library or executable is called target)
TARGET_LINK_LIBRARIES(<target> "${LIBNAME}") should work
For example, if you want to link something with mysqld, you add to
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Subject: [Maria-developers] linking an external library
I want to link an external library for a language extension. After several
hours of trying to tell cmake (^%$@*&) to pick it up for linking the library
would still not be built with. 

CMakeLists.txt in trunk/sql is in the meantime full of pointers to the
library without avail.
I did the normal FIND_LIBRARY()
followed by TARGET_LINK_LIBRARIES({$LIBNAME}) on various targets
plus as nothing worked: SET(CMAKE_LIBRARY_PATH) on it, explicity
How do I link mariadb with an external library??
Thanks Rob