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Some clarifications requested for C client


This is probably for Georg Richter (and/or @Wlad). I have a few qeustion!

"Fix for CONC-44: LOAD DATA INFILE can't open utf16le encoded filenames"
But we we can stil not specify UTF16LE as the CHARSET, I think?

Say I have a file *named* "ÄÜÑБГД.csv".  (both Western special characters
and cyrillic characters in the file name). This file I  will be able to
read now (using revision 80), right?

But if file *content* is this single line (one row, two columns)


and if it is encoded as 'Windows Unicode'/utf16le I still will need to
recode the file to utf8 before executing it with LOAD DATA (as UTF16LE
still cannot be specified for CHARSET in LOAD DATA), right?

Please confirm that I understand this!

"Added support for embedded (sqlite)".
This happened by beginning of this year but I just noticed now.

Now what can we actually do with SQLite and the MariaDB C-API and what we
the purpose of this revision? Is it to make it easier to write client
applications using SQLite for internal storage? Or to make the C client
code 'a generic API' for connecting to both MySQL (of all flavors) and
SQLite? Is the the code/files that that were added different from offical
SQLite downloads from http://www.sqlite.org/? I am not able to find any
documentation anywhere.  Also not a blog or whatever either. There must be
some reason to add sqlite3 code?!

This seems to be the latest revision:
"Added dyamic column api; Added character set conversion"
('dyamic' is misspelled BTW!)

Won't we need some documentation here? The claim that MariaDB's connector
"has exactly the same API as the MySQL Connector/C for MySQL 5.5" (
https://kb.askmonty.org/en/mariadb-client-library-for-c/) cannot be true
now as it adds funtionalities for managing MariaDB ' dymamic column waht
oracle's API has not? The API from Oracle's library is now a *subset* or
MariaDB API (or MariaDB's is a *superset* or Oracle). So much I can figure
out, but should I need to code with it I would need description of
functions' syntax, expected results and error listings.

Also I am not able to figure out what the "character set conversion"
referred to is doing and why it was added.

Why does the changelog here
https://kb.askmonty.org/en/mariadb-client-library-for-c-100-changelog/ stop
at revision 77?

-- Peter Laursen
-- Webyog

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