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Re: How handle_rpl_parallel_thread rollback partial transaction when STOP SLAVE In parallel replication


Kristian Nielsen <knielsen@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> The idea to fix this isas follows:
>  - We record which transactions have started to commit
>  - When we do STOP SLAVE we remember the transaction that last started to
>    commit at the point at which we stopped.
>  - In handle_rpl_parallel_thread(), we only start skipping events from
>    transactions that start strictly _after_ the stop point. Prior transactions
>    have no events skipped.
> I put my current patch here:
>     http://knielsen-hq.org/parallel_replication_patch_intermediate.diff

Hm, that patch is not sufficient, the bug is still there :-(
Sorry about that. At least I did say that the patch was incomplete.

I will fix it properly and let you know when I have something new.

 - Kristian.

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