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Re: MariaDB scalability: mutexes


Hi Axel,

Sergei pointed out that there is up to 10% slowdown in read-write benchmark at
high concurrency. Could you share benchmark details, I'd like to debug it.
Just pointers to build/run scripts on the benchmark server should be enough.


On Thu, Feb 27, 2014 at 01:15:14PM +0100, Axel Schwenke wrote:
> Hi Svoj,
> you seemed to be interested in a OLTP benchmark with a single table, so here
> it is.
> Axel Schwenke wrote:
> > Here are sysbench results for 10.0.8. I added 10.0.7 and MySQL-5.6.10 from
> > an earlier run for comparison. The test is sysbench OLTP ro with multiple
> > (32) tables.
> Attached more results. tps.dat shows numbers for the same benchmark as
> above, but using a single big table. Again the normal mutexes show some
> benefits, but only at elevated concurrency. Mutex statistics are again in
> the zip files.
> The other benchmark (tps1.dat) is sysbench OLTP both read-only and
> read-write. It also tests concurrencies from 1 to 512. This shows basically
> the same behavior. The benchmark was with PFS=off, so no mutex stats.
> BR, XL

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