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MDEV-5681- audit log not rotating


Hi maria-developers,

This is my patch for MDEV-5681: "
audit log will not rotate when the file size exceeds global variable setting":


To test,

1. set server_audit_events = 'connect' and keep default rotate size of
2. connect with a bad password about 20 times: for i in {1..20}; do mysql
-ufail -pfail; done
3. see that server_audit.log is X bytes
4. set server_audit_rotate_size = 1000
5. connect with bad password for another 20 times
6. see original server_audit.log is still X bytes (meaning log rotated
immediately) and subsequent server_audit.log.* logs are ~1000 bytes or less

Please review.

Tan Tran
Prospective GSoC student

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