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[GSoC] MDEV-371- index on BLOB


Hi Sergei and Roberto,

My name is Smit Hinsu and I am final year undergrad student. I have good
knowledge about database internals and good experience with C++.

I find feature of creating index on BLOB quickly using MD-5 interesting. I
have understood basic requirements for this feature. I have following
questions in my mind currently.

I think, HASH index is not supported in MySQL's version of MyISAM storage
engine. Has MariaDB removed this restriction?

We should support index for BLOB for BTREE index also in which we store
only hash value of the value in BTREE. Is this possible?

Can you suggest me some startup task related to index or storage engine
which can make me familiar with the related parts? I have started to look
at code.

Smit Hinsu

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