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Re: [Commits] Rev 3991: MDEV-5138 Numerous test failures in "mtr --ps --embedded"


Hi, Alexey!

On Mar 26, Alexey Botchkov wrote:
> Hi, Sergei.
> The Protocol::net_store_data is virtual in the embedded-server case
> because we need it implemented differently for Protocol_binary.

Ok, got it (finally), sorry.

I'm almost always use ctags when looking for definitions, but in this
case ctags didn't handle this correctly:

  bool Protocol::net_store_data(const uchar *from, size_t length)
  bool Protocol_binary::net_store_data(const uchar *from, size_t length)

so I never noticed that Protocol_binary actually has its own
implementation of ::net_store_data() in the embedded case.

Still, another question, why did you have to rename net_store_data() to
net_store_data_cs() ? I've simply made it virtual and everything compiled
just fine - it has a different signature so the compiler can distinguish
them all right.