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Re: Error on 'make' of mariadb source


Hi, Kesha!

On Apr 14, Kesha Shah wrote:
> Hi Sergei,
> Hope this mail finds you well.
> As per suggestion by Weldon Whipple I tried deleting the corresponding
> sql_yacc.h and cc files before building the source. But no luck.
> I think I need to reconfigure the environment again and try building the
> source again after a fresh source pull.

There's no need to do a fresh source pull every time.

  bzr clean-tree --ignored --unknown --force
  bzr revert --no-backup

will remove all garbage files and undo all your edits, so the tree will
be as good as freshly pulled.

> Also I please guide me if there is a git fork available for the
> latest/weekstone release of mariadb source code as bzr revision system is
> extremely slow (sometimes take full day and ends up with the message that
> connection is reset by the peer and finally hanging on). This is
> really happening on every checkout/pull of source (did it on Ubuntu).  It
> would also be helpful if I can get a source repository from where the
> branches can be forked locally in bzr.

This only happens on the first branching. Do as follows:

  bzr init-repo kesha-work
  cd kesha-work
  bzr branch lp:maria/10.0 10.0

after that you'll have 10.0 branched, it'll be quite a long process.
But after that all further branching inside the kesha-work will be
pretty fast.