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Re: [GSoC] Introduction Mail


Hi, Anshu!

On Apr 30, Anshu Avinash wrote:
> > You've looked at the code, what do you think?
> > Do you understand how different parts of this feature fit together?
> > We can start from just one constant (global or per-engine) and see how
> > it'll work.
> I had started exploring tmptable_create_cost.
> In sql/sql_const.h: HEAP_TEMPTABLE_CREATE_COST is defined to be 2.0 and
> DISK_TEMPTABLE_CREATE_COST as 40.0. As discussed on irc with serg, I'll
> start to profile this constant (which I have not started yet).

Note, that you shouldn't profile anything yourself.
Instead, the goal is to have profiling code built into the server and it
should profile and adjust these constants automatically.