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Merging FusionIO changes to 10.0.12


Hi all,

MariaDB has worked actively with Fusion-io, and we did release some improvements in a preview release a little over a month ago: https://blog.mariadb.org/significant-performance-boost-with-new-mariadb-page-compression-on-fusionio/ 

This was originally planned to be included into 10.0.10, but when we released the GA, we thought that the feature was not tested thoroughly.

Now the code has proven stable we are thinking of merging this into 10.0.12. Yes, we know its already a GA, but this feature will be turned off by default, and the code is safely encapsulated. If you are not using Fusion-io or do not turn it on, there is no effect to you. To check, the changes are in the XtraDB and InnoDB that we ship (storage/xtradb & storage/innobase).

Naturally, for those using Fusion-io devices, the benefits are clear - you will see significant improvements in speed and you will increase the lifetime of your cards. Think of this like adding drivers to the Linux kernel from time to time ;)

What does everyone think? Package maintainers?


Colin Charles, Chief Evangelist, SkySQL - The MariaDB Company 
blog: http://bytebot.net/blog/| t: +6-012-204-3201 | Skype: colincharles

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