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Re: [Maria-discuss] Merging FusionIO changes to 10.0.12


On Friday 16 May 2014 17:28:27 Colin Charles wrote:
> Hi all,
> MariaDB has worked actively with Fusion-io, and we did release some
> improvements in a preview release a little over a month ago:
> https://blog.mariadb.org/significant-performance-boost-with-new-mariadb-pag
> e-compression-on-fusionio/
> This was originally planned to be included into 10.0.10, but when we
> released the GA, we thought that the feature was not tested thoroughly.
> Now the code has proven stable we are thinking of merging this into 10.0.12.
> Yes, we know its already a GA, but this feature will be turned off by
> default, and the code is safely encapsulated. If you are not using
> Fusion-io or do not turn it on, there is no effect to you. To check, the
> changes are in the XtraDB and InnoDB that we ship (storage/xtradb &
> storage/innobase).
> Naturally, for those using Fusion-io devices, the benefits are clear - you
> will see significant improvements in speed and you will increase the
> lifetime of your cards. Think of this like adding drivers to the Linux
> kernel from time to time ;)
> What does everyone think? Package maintainers?

IMHO it seems like a reasonable feature to merge, even if it means slightly 
bending the usual GA restrictions. No objections from Slackware here.


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